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The Connector 

Many years ago, Mariana’s mother brought her to the United States from Brazil. Her first goal was to learn English. She needed to concentrate and dedicate herself to learning a different and challenging language. She entered her junior year in high school unable to read, write or even understand English – quite challenging. Over the next few years, by graduation, she had accomplished her first goal, learning the English language – the first giant step towards her American Dream

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Showing Specialist

Rod is a marine biologist by training. After working as a research scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and The University of Washington for 12 years Rod started his own business in the field of aquaculture. He was a pioneer in open ocean culture systems and for 30 years owned and operated the largest aquaculture company on the east coast of the United States. Rod developed a new product form for bay scallops, live-in-shell and sold his “Taylor Bays” , and oysters across the U.S.  After selling his business he set his eyes on the field of Real Estate. While real estate is a very different business, it is the same in terms of finding the right product for the right person. 


Helping homeowners get through the process of selling their home brings great joy to Rod. “Oftentimes people have raised their kids in this home. They have lived through the sorrows and joys of life in this home. Deciding to sell can be emotionally fraught. Add to this the specific time frames required for each step in the selling process and you have the potential for some emotional meltdowns. I love piloting people through this process, getting them the best price for their home, and helping them to move on to the next stage in their life.”


“ The real estate business is very dynamic and exciting. Things can change quickly. It’s a blast! I am very lucky to be working in a team environment now. Someones always got your back. And if I don’t know something, I work with a staff that has 20 years of combined experience to help me.”