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Dream future days - Mariana Costa
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Mariana Costa isn't like anyone you have ever met before. Her willingness to think outside the box, no matter how difficult the challenge, is one of her most skilled strengths. Yet her story is what truly defines her as unique. Born in Belo Horizonte, Mariana arrived on Cape Cod from Brazil in July of 2001. Joining her mother for a pre-determined amount of time in the U.S to develop her understanding of the English language, she was on a mission to absorb knowledge like a sponge absorbs water. As she personally describes her experience in the first few words of her book Leverage Your DREAM Business, "From time to time you face those moments in your life that remind you of what essence you are really made of. This was one of them." Unable to speak or interpret the English language upon arrival, it's no surprise Mariana handles challenging situations today like a walk in the park. With only 2 years running on the clock, Mariana had very little time to waste. Her dream to conquer ahead was alive, and the opportunity to grow was limitless. Time seemed to fly as Mariana explored her new territory with a wondrous heart and a curious mind. Focused to further develop her language skills, she had no warning whatsoever, as to what would happen next. The news to be revealed by her mother would introduce a new, unwanted plan. It was time to go back home earlier than they had planned. Mariana arrived with a mission. Her only dream was to accomplish it. Like a road with one turn before it dead ends, she had only one path to follow. Days before turning 18, Mariana stayed alone on Cape Cod. Living out of her car              and with roughly $100 to her name, she could only see a DREAM ahead to capitalize as her very own. 



Mariana’s secret to SUCCESS is simple. BE THE FIRST TO GIVE. With this in mind, she helped her client solve ANY problem, no matter how ugly. Her philosophy empowered her every action to connect THE BEST OF THE BEST with her clients, FOR LIFE.  

As a VALUED resource, Mariana leveraged her SUCCESS by helping her clients SOLVE any CHALLENGE, whether Real Estate related or not. She was the ONE single CONNECTION you needed to connect with ALL else.

She begun to work multiple part time jobs as a waitress, housekeeper and babysitter, constantly finding odd jobs to fill up her work week and her bank account. One day, while cleaning a house, Mariana found a single tangible item which led her to believing with more intensity in the realization of many intangible dreams. She discovered one check so large, it summed up almost 20 months of income she had worked nearly 100 hours a week to earn. The word REAL ESTATE presented itself as a gold ticket to Mariana's financial freedom. It was that very day that Mariana's life would never be the same. So how did she go from cleaning houses to becoming the CEO of one of the most referred real estate brokerages on Cape Cod? How did she master the art of relationships in such a way, that her own database is responsible for her ability to continue expanding her services & the markets in which her teams currently service? There is no short answer. It most certainly didn't happen overnight. Mariana networked her way to the top, one connection at a time. Today, she leads her team as the Founder and CEO of DREAM Homes & Estates International and as Founder & CEO of DREAM Business Solutions. She has dedicated over a decade to one mission; deepening relationships. By developing other businesses ability to serve her clients while connecting them with her ever growing database of raving fans, Mariana pleases her need to grow by helping others connect. Coming from a family background which worked in the hospitality business, Mariana's nature is to take care of others needs as if they were her own. 

​Since Cape Cod features some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast, more than 60% of our market is a second home to the homeowner. If you own a second home, you value your lifestyle. To maintain that lifestyle, you need to know the right contacts to handle any and every challenge that may get in the way of your perfect vacation! Furthermore, you need a guide of the best of the best for well.. everything! This is where I shine through like the sun comes out of the clouds, Mariana says. I know everybody you need, and they are all on call because I consistently stay in touch with them. I pass any discounts I am offered directly from the business onto my clients, giving people just like you the special Mariana discount! I love each time I can save my                                                     clients their money and still help them maintain the lifestyle they dream of."


Her ability to connect is incomparable; this is why 99% of her business has continued to grow by word of mouth for over a decade. In order to keep up with the number of referrals she receives every single day, Mariana has designed her very own DREAM Team and DREAM Systems. A true collaboration of mastermind meetings with the professionals she personally hand picked in each niche real estate field, allows the entire team to maintain the same level of service on a much larger scale, and united, there is nothing this team can't accomplish for their clients. Together, they service every referral with the same rare passion for service and results as Mariana; continuing to grow their businesses by referral. Most importantly, the entire team collaborates daily in the communities we service, in order to offer unparalleled value to each and every client. From offering thousands of dollars worth of free services to update & maintain their clients homes, to connecting the best contractors with their                                                    clients, the attention to detail received at DREAM is hard to match elsewhere. 

Mariana continues to dream bigger each day. Today, she coaches real estate agents and start up businesses worldwide, sharing the principles that took her from dreaming to living her dream. She is able to connect agents from all over the world to her team, making it so the sellers and buyers working with her real estate team are exposed to opportunities no other agent can provide them. In her book, Mariana shares her story from struggle to living the life she has always wanted to live, empowering others to breakthrough whatever is holding them back. Her mission is to continue to inspire the dreamer to make a difference; ultimately                                                                   impacting their lives and the lives of many others around the world.